Why is Rental Return Important in Real Estate Investing?

One of the biggest benefits of being a home owner is that you no longer have to pay rent. Now you have the ability to rent out your property to others and collect rent. So naturally one aspect that real estate investors look for in properties is the potential rental return. Rental return is exactly what it sounds like; the amount of rent your property generates. Real Estate investors buy properties with one goal in mind, “Make a profit”. And one of the easiest ways to do this is through renting properties. If you haven’t looked into rental return as a real estate investor, you’re missing out on a huge profit opportunity.

How a good rental return can save you money

Rental returns can be very beneficial to investors who buy multiple properties and also to people who have a couple of properties to build credit so they just rent out one of the properties. A solid rental return can potentially cover the cost of your mortgage. Home prices have gone down significantly over the past few years, allowing you to get great deals for properties. On the other side, rental prices are going up which also is on your side. A lot of real estate investors are taking advantage of this opportunity and renting out properties for a lot more than their mortgage payments. Some are even covering the cost of minor repairs and utilities as well! Pick the right area and you could make a profit off of your property every month, with little to no effort.
How to determine Potential Rental Return

If you’re in the process of acquiring properties with the goal of renting them out to tenants, it’s important to know what your rental return will be. The easiest way to get an idea of what your potential return will be for an investment is to see what other homes in the area are renting for. Look for properties that are similar to yours (number of rooms, bathrooms, price, and quality) in the same neighborhood. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pull in for rent. If you notice your property is nicer than all the comparables, you may be able to get a little more rent.
How to calculate rental yield

You’re probably wondering; what is rental yield? Rental yield is the annual rental yield from a property. Calculating rental yield only requires a simple formula. Multiply the monthly rent times 12 months. Divide that by the purchase price of the property and multiply by 100. The higher the rental yield the better. To calculate the net rental yield you’ll have to subtract the cost of maintenance, repairs, and other expenses related to the rental property. There are plenty of rental yield calculators available online if you want to avoid the math. Knowing your rental yield will help you to determine the property is actually worth renting or not, and can also help you adjust the amount of rent you charge to get a desired rental yield. Rental return can be a great benefit of investing in real estate. It’s important to know why it’s important and how figuring out your rental yield can help you make decisions. Rental return is often a key feature investors and casual home owners look for when buying properties. So the next time you’re looking for a property, be sure to keep the possible rental return in mind.

The Visa, Residence and Nationality in Turkey

Lately the Turkish government announced a new law to give the ability to have the Turkish visa online, and this process has begun in 2013, this process can be done through the internet by filling the form of the Visa online and get it in a few minutes.

In this method in April 2014 decided the follows:

1 – The Polish – Norwegian – German – Arabic – Chinese – Russian, languages have been added in this process in addition to the English – French and Spanish languages which were already existed.

2 – The ability for the payment through credit cards and Visa cards.

3 – The easiest ways of having the visa through the travel agencies which give many offers with their flying to Turkey.

4- The ability for the travel agencies to give the Turkish visa online to those who come as a group or families.

5- For the foreigners who reached Turkey without visa, they can have it through the electronic cabines which will be existed in the airports.

6- The online visa fee will be less than the regular visa.

  • Residence in Turkey:
  • The Tourism residence requires, travel document ( passport ), Bank account statement with 6000 USD in minimum, Health Insurance, And a rental apartment contract 1 year in minimum confirmed from the Turkish government.
  • Residence for buying properties : A foreign who wants to buy a property in Turkey can have the residence in Turkey for a year with the ability for renewal as long as the property under his name also the ability for the family to have the residence ( The Wife and children only).
  • The required documents for applying the Turkish residence:
  • The property contract ( Tapoo )
  • Earthquake insurance for the property.
  • Available Passport at least 6 months.
  • Marriage contract translated into Turkish language and confirmed from The Turkish government in the Turkish embassy in the homeland ( If it is available ).
  • Birth certificates for the children translated into Turkish and confirmed in the Turkish embassy in the homeland.
  • Health insurance for every person of the family.
  • The Turkish Citizenship for Foreigners:

1 – Residence in Turkey for 5 years legally (Not for studying propose).

2 – For those who are originally from Turkey or their origin from the Ottomanic era.

3 – Marriage from a Turkish citizen for 3 years.

4 – Businessmen, investors, artists, economists, and who gives support to develop the agriculture, industry, art and sports in Tukrey.

  • The main conditions for applying the Turkish Citizenship:
  • To complete the required duration in Turkey which is 5 years.
  • Health statement from the health ministry to proves that the foreigner doesn’t have any dangerous diseases such as (HIV).
  • The polite behavior is a must.
  • To have a job or revenue for him and his family, And speaking Turkish language is a must.
  • He must not have a history of threaten the security in Turkey, or had been jailed in Turkey.


Kemer Town

Kemer is a small tourist coastal city on the Turkish Riviera; it is famous for its tourist resorts, its hotels and sandy beaches surrounded by the mountains and green hills.
The town is away about 40 km from the Antalya city center; they are linked together with a coast road. You can reach Kemer by small because there is a direct bus line known as “Kemer Express”.
Kemer is located on the Mediterranean coast on the outskirt of the Taurus Mountains stretches over 53 km from the beaches.
The town until the mid-eighties was a quiet little village, but now it is a world- famous tourist city in the Antalya region, because of the tourism investments and large resorts built on its shores.
Kemer climate is generally hot and humid in summer and mild in winter, and its water is relatively warm even in winter.
Kemer characterized by its natural beauty and its pure blue water in addition to its gulfs and mountains covered with pine trees and quiet in general.it contains a lot of restaurants, cafes, night clubs and parks and also a port of boats and parks and children playgrounds to serve all visitors.
Close to Kemer there are many coastal villages, the Olympus telefrick, archaeological city “Vasilis”. And even the road to the city itself is a fun to pass along the beach and on the edge of the towering Taurus Mountains.
Kemer is a perfect place to spend the summer vacation if what you are looking for is quiet and beauty of nature, in addition that Antalya is less than an hour by bus and there a direct bus line between them both.

–     Hotels and resorts in Kemer
Kemer includes several hotels, luxury, mega resorts and villas to rent. It is conceder as one of the best directions for many tourists from Europe and Russia. In winter time the life is almost stop because of the dependence on the tourism in general. And the majority of the large hotels close to wait the summer time when it lives again.
The hotels in general are less expensive than those in the center of Antalya or on Lara beach, the majority of hotels include all the services and meals within coasts.

The water city in Antalya

Your visit would not be complete without a visit to Antalya gardens and water towns to spend times of pleasure and fun for you and all the family, and also to escape the summer heat.

There are two water cities in Antalya city in addition to the water cities in the surrounding cities such as kemer and side.

In the east side of the city in Lara area you can find Dedeman water city (Dedeman Aqua Park) next to the famous Dedeman resort.

In the west side of the city at the beginning of Konyaalti there is the water land city (Aqua Land Antalya).

Both of the cities providing you and the family the entertainment and fun.

–           The Water Land City ( Antalya Aqua Land )

This water city is located near the culture Ataturk Park at the beginning of the Konyaalti beach and on the opposite side of Antalya water museum. You can reach it easily by bus or delivery services in you hotel. Aqua land offers you all comfort, recreation and fun.

The aqua land built in 1996 and it includes many of pools and waterslides which are safe for children and adults.

The water city includes health care center and many restaurants and cafes. You can also enjoy and swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Land that adjacent to it.

–           Enjoy more than 40000 square meters of swimming pools, waves, and the waterslide games in Dedeman water city.

–           It is located in the Lara area in the eastern part of the city next to Dedeman hotel and resort on the Mediterranean, which gives you great views of the Turkish Riviera and Taurus Mountains.

Dedeman city water includes some of the largest and fastest waterslides in the world.





Gulhane park in Istanbul

Gulhane park is considered to be the most beautiful park in Istanbul, and in the past it was a part of the outside Topkapi palace ( which was also called The Great Gate) and it is still remains until now a few of the doors in the south, from that palace.

Basic Information:

 Address: It is located in the back of the popular Topkapi museum long to Sarkagi area,

Entry Fee: Free

Duration visits: from 8 pm until evening

Transportations: From ”Amin” area, walking is possible or taking the tram, to the Sultan Ahmed road and stop in the ” Gulhane ” station, And from the road ”Sultan Ahmed ” walk to ” Amin” Area, it is a road with the same road of the tram, then the park will be found in the right side.

Category: Gardens and forest

Tags: parks of Istanbul

Number of visits: 19619

Gulhane Park:

 Istanbul itself is like a big park in Turkey, with a beautiful nature and attractive by every details inside it, and it is not strange that we can find Istanbul has a great number of gardens and parks which lay close to the beautiful Bosporus.

Gulhane Park is the oldest and most popular in Istanbul, and it translated as (The house of flowers), Gulhane in the past was a part of the Topkapi palace and we can still find some of the doors from that palace inside the park remain until now.

Gulhane Park was only for the Sultan and his women, and also for the great highly men, gives them the beautiful scent of the flowers with magnificent views on a great spaces among plants with many different kinds of flowers.

In 1912 Gulhane Park considered to be the most romantic family park, gives the warmth and quit to be the most public place for local people, and a very comfort place to welcome tourists who come from Sultan Ahmed area.

The park has submitted for many changes but lately it got back its traditional quit because of the removal of some concrete structures and brought back the beauty of its green environment.

The visitors of this park breathes the air of happiness because of the spaces of the broken hills of Sycamore trees ripe which embrace each other to provide the shadows those needed in the summer time, Some researches say that those trees dated back to the 19th century.

The visitors also enjoy looking at the birds, some of those birds can stand on the pond water and some on the trees, and many can fly with a close distance which makes them everywhere in the park, with colourful energetic butterflies, And also we can find small houses of those birds which have been created especially for those birds on the top of the trees.

Gulhane Park provides many tables and chairs which are usually crowded during the good weather days and in the weekends, so visiting the park at morning would be better instead of the waiting for a space table during the day.

Many yards in the park included popular and various statues such as the statue of the founder of the republic of Turkey ” Mustafa Kemel Ataturk ” and other statues dated back to the Roman period.

One of the most important place to visit also is (The Islamic Museum for Science and Technology) which shows many items for the important inventions which was witnessed during the Islamic history, in a period between 8th and 13th century, The museum has been opened by the prime minister ” Receb Tayeb Erdugan ”   in the European side of the park in 2008.

Finally, the park provides many small restaurants for fast food and drinks and ice cream, and in the North side it provides a café shop with a magnificent views, at the Bosporus and Maramara sea, but its prices are high because of its great position.